Family Therapy

We believe that family is a fundamental foundation of a society.

Family therapy helps deal with conflicts within the family to maintain a healthier relationship among all members. It’s a type of counseling that involves professional intervention that aims to fix short and long-term problems. If you feel your family is in need of improving their functioning, our family therapists can guide you exploring your family's needs.

Epiphany Relationship and Family Counseling family therapy services encompass an array of discussions, including:

1- Helping families deal with financial issues.
2- Addressing conflicts between children and their parents/grandparents.
3- Educating families on how to address loved one’s substance abuse.
4-Helping families cope with a member’s mental illness.
5-Resolving communication gaps.

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Your family deserves a loving and harmonious relationship. But if things become too heavy to carry on, contact us immediately. Our therapists can help you overcome your family’s adversities.

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